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`nano` command line is a simple and easy-to-use text editor that can be run in a terminal window. It supports basic editing functions such as copy, paste, and find and replace. It is an ideal choice for beginners and users who need to edit text quickly.


  • Open file: nano file.txt
  • Copy a line: Move the cursor to the line, press Ctrl + K, then move the cursor to the position to copy to, and press Ctrl + U
  • Paste a line: Move the cursor to the line to paste to, and press Ctrl + U
  • Find text: Press Ctrl + W, enter the text to find, and press Enter
  • Replace text: Press Ctrl + \\\\, enter the text to find and the text to replace, and press Enter
  • Save file: Press Ctrl + O
  • Exit nano: Press Ctrl + X