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The SCP command is used for secure file transfer between Linux and Unix systems. It uses the SSH protocol to encrypt and transfer the files. The following are all the parameters of the SCP command.

Copy local file or folder to remote

Copy remote file or folder to local


  • scp file.txt user@remote:/path/to/destination transfers the local file file.txt to the remote host at /path/to/destination.
  • scp -r /path/to/local/folder user@remote:/path/to/destination recursively copies the local directory /path/to/local/folder to the remote host at /path/to/destination.
  • scp user@remote:/path/to/remote/file file.txt downloads the remote file /path/to/remote/file to the local file file.txt.
  • scp -P 2222 file.txt user@remote:/path/to/destination transfers the file file.txt to the remote host at /path/to/destination using a non-default port (2222).
  • scp -r user@remote:/path/to/remote/folder /path/to/local/destination copies the directory /path/to/remote/folder from the remote host to /path/to/local/destination locally.