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Netstat is a command-line tool used to display the network connections (both incoming and outgoing), routing tables, and network interface statistics.


  • Show all connections and listening ports: netstat -a
  • Show TCP connections: netstat -t
  • Show UDP connections: netstat -u
  • Show the executable file that is associated with each connection: netstat -b
  • Show full domain name: netstat -f
  • Show addresses and port numbers in numerical form: netstat -n
  • Show the process ID that owns each connection: netstat -o
  • Show routing table: netstat -r
  • Show active tasks: netstat -v
  • Show network statistics: netstat -c
  • Show raw data on all connections and listening ports: netstat -w
  • Show connections that are associated with a specified protocol: netstat -p protocol_name
  • Show statistics for each protocol: netstat -s protocol_name
  • Show Ethernet statistics: netstat -e
  • Show NetworkDirect connections: netstat -x