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The more command line is a command line tool based on Unix and Unix-like operating systems that is used to view the contents of a text file. The more command line allows users to page through the contents of a text file within a terminal window so that users can navigate through the file page by page or quickly browse the entire file according to their needs.


  • more file.txt displays the contents of the file.
  • more -num file.txt displays the specified number of lines.
  • more -d file.txt displays the percentage of each page.
  • more -c file.txt displays the file without scrolling.
  • more -p file.txt processes each page by clearing the screen instead of scrolling.
  • more -s file.txt replaces spaces with newlines.
  • more -u file.txt does not display underlines.
  • more -f file.txt forces the display of the file contents.
  • more +5 file.txt starts displaying from the 5th line.
  • more -q file.txt disables the warning beep.
  • more -r file.txt disables conversion of carriage return to newline.
  • more -t file.txt converts tab characters to spaces.
  • more -T file.txt does not expand tab characters to spaces.
  • more -X file.txt does not highlight control characters.
  • more -z file.txt converts newline characters to spaces.