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The cp command is a command-line tool used to copy files and directories in Linux and Unix systems. It can copy a file or directory from one location to another, and can also rename, modify permissions, and so on for the copied file or directory.


  • cp file.txt file_backup.txt, copy file.txt to file_backup.txt, and overwrite it if file_backup.txt already exists.
  • cp -r dir1 dir2, copy directory dir1 to dir2, including all subdirectories and files within it.
  • cp -u file.txt dir/, copy file.txt to directory dir/. Do not copy it if a newer version of file.txt already exists in dir/.
  • cp -a dir1/ dir2/, copy directory dir1/ to dir2/, and preserve all metadata.
  • cp -s file.txt symlink, create a symbolic link named symlink in the current directory, pointing to file.txt.