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The `at` command is a command-line tool in Linux used to run commands or scripts at a specified time. With the `at` command, users can schedule one-time tasks (such as backups, batch operations, etc.) to run at a specified time, without the need for manual execution.


  • Run a command at a specified time:

    at -M 23:30
  • Run a command file at a specified time:

    at -M 23:30 -f /path/to/command
  • Read a command from standard input:

    echo "/path/to/command" | at -M 23:30 -c
  • List the tasks waiting to run:

    at -l
  • Delete all tasks scheduled for the specified date:

    at -d 2022-01-01
  • Delete the task scheduled with the specified ID:

    at -r job_id
  • Specify the priority of the task:

    at -q 2 -f /path/to/command
  • Send the output of the task to the current user by email:

    at -m -f /path/to/command